What should you use apples for in Minecraft

24 November, 2022

What should you use apples for in Minecraft

You can find apples in many Minecraft biomes. But they are more than a delicious snack.

Players can eat apples straight from the tree, and they can restore four hunger points (two food icons). However, players can also make golden apples out of apples. These apples offer many more benefits than standard apples.

Given the abundance of apples in most Minecraft seeds, it is a good idea to keep some apples for your own food and convert others for extra benefits. It all comes down to the player's preference. However, apples can confer extra effects that should be taken advantage.

Minecraft: Crafting golden apples

It is easy to create a golden apple in Minecraft. You only need eight gold ingots. Although it may seem like a lot to spend on one apple, the benefits can be worth it if there are enough gold ingots.

One golden apple can be created by placing one apple in the middle slot of the crafting grid and surrounding it with gold ingots.

Minecraft players will automatically receive Absorption I (extra Health) and Regeneration II (to quickly replenish their health). This is very useful in times of extreme need or during heated battles. Golden apples are a good choice when players don't have potions or need extra kick from their food.

However, golden apples are not just for Minecrafters. The zombie villager can be made weaker by using Splash Potions Of Weakness. Villagers can then be given golden apples to cure themselves and go back to normal.

Piglins also find golden apples useful. They are attracted by the objects and can be led around by players if necessary. Golden apples can increase the chance of taming horses by 10% and also serve to speed up the growth of foals and horse breeding.

Minecraft players who have enough gold can keep a variety of golden and apples in Survival Mode. This is a great way for one to maintain their health and vitality during long journeys and dangerous fights.