Villagers for emerald farming

30 November, 2022

Villagers for emerald farming

The hardest ores in Minecraft are the emeralds. The most valuable currency in Minecraft is the Emerald. There are many other options to get them, and you don't have to mine for hours.

Villagers are the best way to get emeralds. You can trade emeralds with various villager occupations to get different items. If you have a lot of the items they require, you can trade with them to farm loads of emeralds.

Emerald farming: Best 5 Minecraft villagers

Although almost all villagers are able to trade emeralds with one another, only a few ask for them. These items can be easily obtained by a handful of villagers. These villagers are able to supply emeralds much more quickly and in greater quantities than players. They can eventually farm emeralds through trading with the top villagers over and over again.

These are the best villagers to farm emeralds in Minecraft:

5) Weapon Smith

Weaponsmith is at number 5. These villagers are found in all villages. They trade emeralds to get iron, coal, and flint. Although this may seem like a costly trade, players might still need to purchase iron or coal. However, if they have an iron farm, a lot can be traded with weaponsmiths in order to get emeralds.

4) Fletcher

Fletcher is a villager that makes and trades bows, arrows, and other tools. He is also a skilled trader of emeralds. To trade emeralds, he uses sticks. This is an easy way to obtain emeralds, as sticks are the most common crafting item in Minecraft.

3) Cartographer

The Cartographer is another great villager from whom you can get emeralds. The Cartographer trades emeralds to get paper. This is also very simple. Sugarcanes are used to make paper. They can be easily found near water. A Cartographer makes it super easy to create an emerald farm.

2) Farmer

The most common villager you will find is a farmer villager. This villager trades emeralds in wheat, potatoes, carrots, and other commodities. Because these vegetables are easy to grow, he is one of the most reliable villagers to trade.

1) Librarian

The Librarian is the most skilled villager in obtaining a lot of emeralds. This villager accepts paper and books, and then gives emeralds. A librarian can help you get stacks of emeralds. This villager makes the best emerald farms.