Uneasy alliance achievement guide

1 December, 2022

Uneasy alliance achievement guide

Recently, a Minecraft Redditor shared how he reached the Uneasy Alliance advancement using a unique trick. It was much simpler than the traditional way. The post attracted a lot of attention as people discussed the method.

Uneasy Alliance is a hard achievement in Minecraft. To achieve this achievement, players must bring the terrifying ghast mob to the overworld and then kill it. First, they must build a massive nether portal and lure the ghast through it. Then, they must kill it in the overworld.

The video shows the user entering the nether portal, shooting an arrow at a ghast before teleporting into the overworld. They noticed the progress was made after they reached the overworld.

The post was praised for its unusual approach to obtaining difficult advancements. It received thousands of likes and tons of comments discussing the mechanics of advancements.

Many players discussed the requirements for advancements in the game. The main criteria for advancement to the Uneasy Alliance was killing the ghast in the overworld.

Players shoot an arrow to teleport to another world.

The 'Uneasy Alliance' can still be achieved if the user kills a ghast immediately after teleporting to another world. To pull off the trick, however, they must be precise in timing the shot and teleportation.

This trick is also a great help for anyone trying to do any type of Minecraft speedrun. Many gamers attempt to complete the speedrun challenge as fast as possible.

This trick will allow them to quickly obtain the Minecraft advancement and complete their speedrun faster.

Redditors were amazed at the ease with which the player was able to achieve difficult advancements. The Redditors laughed and commented on how the user had spent all of his fortune on this one trick.