Finding magma cubes in Minecraft has never been easier

17 January, 2023

Finding magma cubes in Minecraft has never been easier

Minecraft allows players to find many different monsters in various dimensions. Although most hostile mobs are aggressive, some might not appear to be dangerous.

Players who are just starting to discover magma cubes may find them friendly. These squishy mobs are dangerous if they are not taken seriously. Magma cubes, the most dangerous type of slime found in the Overworld, are known as magma cubes.

They behave the same way as slimes, and are hostile towards players. Players can defeat them to obtain magma cups. This article will assist players in finding magma cubes within Minecraft.

Minecraft Magma cubes

Nearly all warm creatures can be found in the Nether realm of Minecraft. Many players will have encountered slime in the Overworld. A magma cube looks just like slime, but is dark red. Magma cubes are magma balls and not slime balls.

You can find four places where magma cubes may spawn in Minecraft

Nut wastes

The Nether realm, before the 1.16 update was nothing but nether wastes. All nether mobs, even magma cubes spawn in nether trashes.

However, these biomes are home to all mobs and the chances of finding magma spheres are slim. Magma cubes can be found in nether wastes, but they are rare. They can spawn in groups between 1-4.

Fortresses of Nether

The most dangerous mobs of Minecraft are found in nether fortresses, including blazes and wither skulls. These long structures can be found with magma cubes that spawn in groups of sizes 4.

Basalt deltas

Basalt deltas is a biome that's dedicated to magma cubes from the Nether realm. Basalt deltas are home to magma cubes that spin at a high rate. Magma cubes are extremely dangerous due to the terrain in basalt Deltas.

Exploring basalt deltas requires players to be cautious. Magma cubes may jump on players and knock them into lava pockets.

Bastion remnants

Only bastion remnants can be used by magma cube-spawners to generate magma cubes. Magma cube-spawners can be used by players to create mob farms that are ready for magma balls.

Basalt deltas and bastion remains with mob-spawners are ideal locations to create massive magma curbe farms.