Best animal feed in Minecraft

23 January, 2023

Best animal feed in Minecraft

All Minecraft survival players have access to animals, from chickens and cows to name a few. They can provide players with leather, feathers and wool, as well as a constant source of food.

However, animals aren't able to stay put for very long so Minecraft players might have trouble finding them in-game. There are ways around this problem. Players can use food to attract animals.

To help you get started, here are five fantastic foods that you can use in Minecraft to attract animals.

5) Raw Fish to Attract Cats

The only animal that creepers will not touch is Minecraft's cats. These mobs can be tamed. You can draw a cat by standing still and holding raw fish. To tame a cat, players can offer raw fish to the animal. When it comes to controlling cats, raw cod or raw salmon are both good options.

4) Seeds for Chicken

While seeds are not edible for Minecraft players they can be used to feed the game's chicken mob. Seeds are a low-cost way to attract chickens. This can be done with wheat, beetroot and pumpkin seeds. Bonus tip: You can also use seeds in Minecraft to control parrots.

3) Potatoes

Uncooked potatoes can be a good option for Minecraft players who only need to restore one hunger point. This food can be used in other ways, however. To entice pigs, players can use potatoes. A potato can be used to heal a pig and encourage it to breed.

2) Carrots

A carrot is a food source that can restore three hunger points and 3.6 saturation levels. You can also use carrots for animal attraction, but this is a less well-known fact. A carrot can be used to attract rabbits and pigs. You can also feed carrots to these animals and they can be raised and healed.

Carrots can be cultivated, but players may also find them in loot chests or mob drops.

1) Wheat

Minecraft players have many options for using wheat, from making hay to baking bread. This versatile crop can also be used to attract animals. Any player who holds wheat will be followed by sheep, cows and mooshrooms. To heal horses and llamas, players can feed wheat to them.

You can either grow wheat or find it in the loot chests of many structures.