Month: February 2022

Best winter house ideas in Minecraft

Minecraft’s world is made up of vast areas of snowy biomes, including Mountains, Snowy Tundra, and Ice Spikes. Players can build cozy winter houses as winter draws near. When building a winter home, there are many things that players can consider.¬†First, they need to find a cold biome that has snow.¬†Minecraft has many snowy biomes that […]

Best animal feed in Minecraft

All Minecraft survival players have access to animals, from chickens and cows to name a few. They can provide players with leather, feathers and wool, as well as a constant source of food. However, animals aren’t able to stay put for very long so Minecraft players might have trouble finding them in-game. There are ways around this […]

Finding magma cubes in Minecraft has never been easier

Minecraft allows players to find many different monsters in various dimensions. Although most hostile mobs are aggressive, some might not appear to be dangerous. Players who are just starting to discover magma cubes may find them friendly. These squishy mobs are dangerous if they are not taken seriously. Magma cubes, the most dangerous type of slime found in […]

Uneasy alliance achievement guide

Recently, a Minecraft Redditor shared how he reached the Uneasy Alliance advancement using a unique trick. It was much simpler than the traditional way. The post attracted a lot of attention as people discussed the method. Uneasy Alliance is a hard achievement in Minecraft. To achieve this achievement, players must bring the terrifying ghast mob to the overworld […]

New minecraft mod allows thousands of players to play on a single server ?

 A new Minecraft mod with serious ambition may change everything. It could even have a greater impact on the future of the platform. It boils down to this: Minecraft-as is processes all information about servers on one CPU (single thread). You could have the most powerful and fastest PC in the world, but if it […]